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Mulberry tea powder type

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・ April 2010: The "Council for making cocoon village" was established
       at the request of a member of the Hachinohe City Council.
・ November 2010: We started test sales of mulberry leaf tea.
・ May 2012: Established Nanbu Souken Co., Ltd. and took over the
・ October 2012: Received certification from the national government
       for the sixth industry.
・ August 2015: Built our own factory in Hashikami Town and started
・ February 2017: The head office was set to Hachinohe City, and the
       address of Hashikami Town was set to the Hashikami

Company Name NanbuSouken Co., Ltd.
Address 1-9-6 Nagane, Hachinohe City, Aomori, 031-0077, Japan
Factory location 22-21 Shitami, Tsunogaraori, Hashikami Town, Aomori, 039-1208, Japan
Phone +81178-32-0258
FAX +81178-32-6721
Mail address
Representative Susumu HAYAKARI
Capital amount 9.9 million yen
Employees 1
Establishment May 2012
Business description Mulberry production and various mulberry leaf tea manufacturing and sales.
Main customers Department stores, supermarkets, roadside station, etc.