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Features of mulberry tea

1 .Mulberry tea sencha type
  Mulberry leaf tea is rich in ingredients similar to the early medicines for diabetes and water-soluble dietary fiber, so it is a healthy tea recommended for those who are concerned about sugar and fat.
  It tastes similar to green tea, but is easier to drink because it does not contain the tannins found in green tea.
  In addition, it is easy to replace the tea you drink with mulberry tea when you eat, so it is easy to get into the habit.
  Mulberry tea does not contain caffeine, so it is okay to drink it at night, and pregnant women can also drink it.

2.Mulberry tea powder type
  Since all of the mulberry powder comes in through the mouth, it has the advantage of being able to take insoluble dietary fiber and minerals in addition to the unique ingredients (DNJ) contained in mulberry tea.
  Among the minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron are among the top-class foods.
  Therefore, the effect of supplementing minerals is great by drinking with each meal.

3.Mulberry tea stick type
  Since the powder is made into small granules and then packed in sticks, it does not easily clump even when added to cold water later, making it suitable for carrying around when eating out or traveling.
It is the most recommended for ease of handling as it is packaged in the amount required for each meal.

  Above, I have written the three characteristics, but for how to drink, please see the explanation for each product on the upper left.
  If you have a high-calorie diet, adjust it by drinking 1.5 to 2 times the appropriate amount.
  Also, some people take the amount they need in a day only in the morning in bulk, but what they drink in the morning works only for the morning meal.
  In that sense, it is recommended to drink mulberry tea not only when eating three meals, but also when eating snacks and midnight snacks.
  We think that it is more effective to pay attention to drinking mulberry tea without missing the timing of meals.

What our company is particular about

  Since our founding, our company has been in charge of mulberry production, mulberry tea processing, and sales.
  In addition, we do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for mulberry production, and weeding is done manually and mechanically without using herbicides. We try to produce as organic mulberry as possible.
  Furthermore, when building a factory, we do not simply introduce a green tea manufacturing plant, but instead research a system suitable for mulberry processing in collaboration with a plant maker and reflect the results in the factory construction.
  Regarding the sale of mulberry tea, we have actively participated in fairs and product exhibitions inside and outside the prefecture, and have endeavored to let people know the good taste of mulberry tea by tasting it.
  Through these efforts, we are steadily increasing sales, albeit little by little.
  We will continue to maintain this attitude and strive to popularize mulberry tea.


  Below, we introduce the activities of Nanbu Souken Co., Ltd. so far.
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 2017 Don Quijote Hawaii Kaheka store starts selling             
 Recently, I heard that the Japanese supermarket "Marukai" in Hawaii has become a subsidiary of Don Quijote.
 Therefore, when we held a Tohoku product sales event in Marukai in October 2017, I asked Don Quijote to sell it over the counter. The person in charge kindly gave me permission.
 However, it cannot be sold just by placing it on the shelf, so I asked a local mannequin to sell it for two days at the Kaheka store in Don Quijote after the Tohoku product sales event.
 In addition, I entered Hawaii three days before the sales event in October of the following year, and tried to promote it by tasting and selling at the Kaheka store.

 2015 Started production of new type of mulberry tea at new factory     

 2014 Started over-the-counter sales at Marukai Supermarket in Hawaii   

 October 2013 Participated in "Aomori Fair" in Hawaii              

 May 2013 Export business meeting for the United States            

 February 2013 Tasting party for ALT and Chinese students           

 October 2012, February 2013 Product development             

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