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 Introduction of Delicious mulberry tea
1. feature
  [Delicious Mulberry Tea], like the powder type, is made from Hachinohe-grown mulberry tea and is recommended for those who want to reduce sugar and fat content, but it also has the following two major features.
@ GABA added
  Mulberry Tea was originally recommended for high blood pressure because it has dietary fiber comparable to burdock root and the highest potassium content of any food.
  The addition of GABA to mulberry leaf powder further enhanced its effectiveness in preventing high blood pressure.
A Fine grinding
  The conventional powder type has a peak at 90μ (approx. 0.1mm), making it difficult for some people to swallow.
  「Delicious Mulberry Tea」 has been finely ground to a peak of 20μ by outsourcing the fine grinding process, making it smoother and easier to drink.

2. How to drink
 Considering the sugar content, it is recommended to drink Mimikowa tea between just before and after a meal.
 It can be taken any time of the day to prevent high blood pressure, and the amount should be about 3 grams per day. The accompanying spoonful is equivalent to about four and a half cups.
 Therefore, for those who take it at each meal, dissolve about one and a half cups of it in water or hot water and drink it for one meal.
 If you take it twice a day, morning and evening, we recommend that you take a little more than 2 spoons per serving.