Soliloquy of mulberry grandpa "Kuwajii"

  Nice to meet you.
  I am "Kuwajii(Mulberry Grandpa)" who makes this homepage by himself. I arbitrarily believe that I know a little more about mulberry than people do.
  I wish you would know me.
  In terms of content, it would be better to set up a blog or something and develop your own theory there, but it is difficult to keep creating a homepage and a blog respectively.
  Also, even if you give us your opinion about what you wrote, I don't have much time to give an answer to it, so I will write what I noticed unilaterally in this corner.
  "Soliloquy" is added from time to time, so please take a look.

 Gelato with mulberry powder                             

 Especially for those who have started taking medicine・・・・           

 Mahalo Hawaii!!                                   

 Japan's first dedicated mulberry tea factory                    

 Oops! did I enter the store by mistake?                       

 America was a health inequalities society.