The leaflet of Hachinohe mulberry leaf tea

  Introducing the latest leaflet of Hachinohe Mulberry Tea. In the latest version, we are proclaiming pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizer.
  The content touches on dietary fiber and mineral components (calcium, iron, etc.). Unfortunately, there are some substances that cannot be written in Japan due to various legal restrictions.
  In particular, it is unfortunate that we cannot appeal the effects of mulberry because we cannot describe DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin), which is peculiar to mulberry
  In Japan, it is possible to receive the designation of food for specified health use, but it costs a huge amount of money to receive it.
  Therefore, major drug manufacturers can handle it, and it is a mechanism that is impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  Nowadays, there is a way to receive the national designation of foods with functional claims, but for that purpose, published clinical trial data is required.
  Regarding mulberry, although there are results of animal experiments, there is no clinical trial data using humans.
  If you acquire the data on your own, it will cost a considerable amount of money, which is also a mechanism that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot handle.