Introduction of MulbeRich economical type

  Mulberry powder is further granulated at a factory in Iwate prefecture, and then packed in sticks by 1g each.
  It is made into a product by packing 60 sticks in a package at Hachinohe.
  The value-added type is 3 times the amount of MulbeRich and 2.3 times the price, so it is a great deal.
  It is packaged in the amount required for one meal, and is granular and easily soluble in water. Recommended for busy people who find it bothersome to take an appropriate amount and stir.
  It can also be used as a refill for a package that is convenient to carry.
  If it is a 500ml PET bottle, reduce it to 400ml, put two sticks in it, shake it lightly and carry it around, and after each meal, shake it before drinking.
  The granule type also has the characteristic that you can ingest minerals and dietary fiber that are abundant in mulberry because the whole amount is taken by mouth.
  Therefore, it is a healthy tea recommended for those who want to reduce sugar and fat, and those who want to maintain or regain a slim body.