Introduction of MulbeRich

  The name "MulbeRich" is derived from the word mulberry and a coined word that emphasizes the abundance of active ingredients in mulberry leaves.
  Mulberry powder processed at our own factory, which was built in August 2015, is further granulated at a factory in Iwate prefecture, and then packed in sticks by 1g each.
  It is made into a product by packing 20 sticks in a package at Hachinohe.
  Since it is granular, it is easily dissolved in water and comes in a package that is convenient to carry.
  Therefore, it is recommended that you carry it with you on the go, and when you eat greasy foods or sweets, dissolve it in water or tea before drinking.
  The granule type also has the characteristic that you can ingest minerals and dietary fiber that are abundant in mulberry because the whole amount is taken by mouth.
  Therefore, it is a healthy tea recommended for those who want to reduce sugar and fat, and those who want to maintain or regain a slim body.
  Granules are less likely to form lumps even when added to water later. As for how to drink, carry a stick with you when eating out, add one stick to the water you received, and shake it lightly to drink.
  If you want to carry it in a PET bottle, 2 sticks in 400ml is appropriate.
  When drinking with a PET bottle, it is effective to shake it lightly and then divide it into 2 to 3 times to drink the whole amount.

◆ How to open the package
  The package needs to be cut off with the cut line shown on the right, but if you peel off only the tongue part of the back lid, you may not be able to cut it off with the cut line shown on the right.
  You can separate it from the cut line by inserting the nail a little deeper and hooking the nail on the cut line shown on the right.

◆ How to use the lid after opening
  It is difficult to carry around just by covering the open lid, so you can fix it by inserting it inside the remaining both sides cut out with the cut line.
         If it is difficult to understand, please refer to the enlarged image of Malberich.